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The question is whether it is truly a human life or not when it is in the womb. To me it’s a silly argument: what else would it be?

There’s no chance of it turning into a frog, a moose or an elephant. Because it is not sentient until a certain point that does not make it less of a human, but some people think so.

It doesn’t breathe so it must not be human goes some other thinking.

A lot of strange thought on what a baby inside the womb is. Combine that with vocab words such as embryo, fetus, etc. and of course some people will not think of it as a human. I see those terms though as naming the stage of development (much like we use infant, toddler, adolescent, adult) rather than the name of what it is.

Regardless it’s still a [b:27wy034a]human[/b:27wy034a] fetus or a [b:27wy034a]human[/b:27wy034a] embryo. It’s [b:27wy034a]human[/b:27wy034a]! You can’t call it anything else.