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Post subject: The Da Vinci Hoax

I didn’t realize what a big deal “The DaVinci Code” would be until recently. It is the number one selling book in the world right now! (Relevant Radio). In fact, when I was taking a couple flights this summer I saw many people toting around the book and the woman next to me was reading it on the plane- it’s incredible that the book claims that Jesus was never said to be divine until sometime 300 AD and presents it as fact, along with many more ‘truths’ that unsuspecting people take to be scholarly-tried-and-true statements. I think we all need to be ready to talk about this with other people – The Da Vinci Hoax is one of many refutations of the book- (you do not need to read the Da Vinci Code to understand this book) and on http://www.catholic.com they link you to more about the book and its harm on readers.