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[quote:314lo1e1]When we are saved “as through fire”, is that the fire of God’s love or if not, what would you say it means? Basically what I am getting at is, what do you think God’s purification process is like? Physical pain? Mental anguish? What do YOU think?[/quote:314lo1e1]
There can be no physical pain when one lacks a physique.

Mental anguish to me is something to do with the mind rather than the heart.

The pain of purgatory is a pleasant pain, a trial to be endured for the prize at the end. It is being scrubbed with a stiff brush to remove caked on mud and filth.

It is literally the pain of a soul longing with anticipation; a soul that has merited salvation but is not yet ready to be presented before the Lord.

In a superficial way, it is akin to the pain of hell, which is separation from God. But whereas those in hell will never know a mutual love for God, never feel His presence beyond His will for their existence, souls in purgatory feel the pain of being separated from God ‘a while longer.’