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Thanks for the clarification James. I don’t really have much I disagree with here. Just one thing I would like to note. You see when you say things like:
[quote:7yq8nxzq]he just developed the language used to describe, much like Nicea and Constantinople developed Trinitarian language.[/quote:7yq8nxzq]

I can’t help but say that you sound quite Catholic (Roman that is). In the sense that Orthodox make a big fuss when we say the same about the development of Infallibility of Peter. I mean I’m sure you can at least see that we also have our box of quotes to show that many did in fact see Peter as supreme. But the common response I have gotten is “your not understanding, read the context”. I recognize that context is important and crucial and will definately look into it. But some quotes are so clear and strong that I see it difficult that any context will make a difference. Unless he is contridicting himself.

Anyways I have broken my own rule and gone off topic. Sorry about that.
Just keep this as food for thought and perhaps we can open another Peter thread.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts James. It has been a pleasure.