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[quote:3lqxyw9k]For some reason, not many people post in these threads. I think it is because most of us are rather ignorant on the subject? Maybe not.

I am very good at using the Bible to prove RC beliefs, but not too great at using history. I am not exactly a history maniac. Even then, I can knock protestants over the head with Church Fatehr quotations, but I have never really researched Othodoxy, so, yeah.[/quote:3lqxyw9k]

Well try using the Bible to prove the filioque then. One word of caution, though, bear in mind that the Creed speaks of the origins and not the temporal mission of the Holy Spirit. It is impossible to read the Greek in any other way.

Oh, and could someone please explain to me why you recite the Creed without the filioque when speaking Greek? This is probably just me being cynical, but it looks like an attempt (like the Unia) to convince us that you really are Orthodox.