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[quote:3qozek2k]But isn’t formation of consciense and grace unseperable when speaking of supernatural law? Saying YES on a daily basis is what it’s about. God assist and you say YES. Am I misunderstanding?[/quote:3qozek2k]
Well…. I won’t pronounce that you are misunderstanding…. contrary to some members I have observed on this forum, I don’t see myself as an infallible judge…. not to mention the fact that we may agree on many things once this thread is over and we’ve cleared up some details.

That being said….

Grace is is favor, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become children of God, adoptive sons, partakers of the divine nature and of eternal life.

Conscience is a law which we have not laid upon ourselves, but which he must obey.

I would say that I agree… conscience is a grace, a supernatural gift, to be sure….. but in spirit, not in practice.

Conscience is born of God, but inherent in humanity…. call it a part of our human nature…. all humans have it, even atheists.

Grace, however, can be rejected or lost…… you can not hide (yes, one could ignore— but never totally) from your conscience.

We are splitting hairs here… but I think it’s an important distinction to differentiate habitual grace and conscience.
[quote:3qozek2k]If your conscious is being formed in such a way that does not match the Churches teaching then obviously that is a clear sign that I am not heading in the right direction.[/quote:3qozek2k]
…. but your conscience is inseperable from the supernatural law and grace (you said so yourself)…. so how/why could/would you turn away from grace?

John Paul II writes in Veritatis Splendor, ” conscience is the [i:3qozek2k]witness of God himself[/i:3qozek2k], whose voice and judgement penetrate the depths of man’s soul, calling him from fortier et suaviter to obedience. (n.58 Italics in original)

How can you say that the “witness of God himself” is in error?
[quote:3qozek2k]There is nothing deep inside me that says: you must get baptized, you must take the Eucharist, etc.[/quote:3qozek2k]
What’s your point? Salvation is also found outside the Catholic Church…. so the Sacraments are not inherent in human conscience.
[quote:3qozek2k]Even with natural law although it comes from the hearts of men I can always deviate from it and there would be nothing to tell me otherwise.
THANK GOD FOR THE CHURCH!!![/quote:3qozek2k]
Well….. pep rally aside, I do see your point….. I hope you can see mine as well….. I do believe the “answer” is somewhere in the middle.

Thanks Victor,