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[quote:vrizv4ur]First and foremost, isn’t anyone who believes in Christ a christian? The answer is YES. And Mormons do. So therefore they are Christian, another thing about the baptism, the Mormon church is the only church that does baptism the right way, baptism by immersion! And have you ever read in the Bible where is says His (Jesus) sheep he has others of? Yeah that would be what the Book of Mormon is talking about, instead of downing other religions take a look at yours.[/quote:vrizv4ur]

Believe in Christ? How exactly? Even msot atheists believe he EXISTED, that does not make them Christians. Mormons do not believe Jesus is God. They believe he was CREATED by God. That means they are not Christians, period. Also, the Bible never sas immersion is the only way to Baptize, and besides, plenty of churches baptize by immersion. In the Catholic Church, you can choose to be baptized by immersion.

Where on earth you get the idea that Jesus is talking about the Book of Mormon is beyond me. The Book of Mormon was written eighteen hudnred years after Jesus preached. Did he let his flock go without spiritual guidance for THAT long? even though He promised the Gates of Hell would not prevail agaisnt his Church, and yet His church did not even have the Book of Mormon yet? That doesn’t make much sense at all.