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[quote:3ielw5hh]But lets say that somehow this new breed beat out the other two breed in nature (ie; tigers and lions) sometime in the future. If this new breed (the Liger) was stronger, smarter, faster and better; the dominant species. Wouldn’t that be a small step of evolution??[/quote:3ielw5hh]

Are you talking about [i:3ielw5hh]survival of the fittest[/i:3ielw5hh]? By [i:3ielw5hh]survival of the fittest[/i:3ielw5hh] Darwin did not mean that the toughest will survive, the swiftest will win, the smartest will succeed, or the biggest will dominate. What Darwin meant was something far different. Darwin said that the organism that best “fits” its environment had the best chance of survival; hence, the term “survival of the fittest.” The plant or animal best “fitted” to its natural environment, according to Darwin, would be the most likely to survive and thrive.

This isn’t really evolution as I generally think of it, but rather survival according to external factors. Can anyone think of an example of an animal that is currently going thru a DNA change? Where the acids within are literally changing or even rearranging themselves. From my understading there is nothing like that known to man. Anything we have now had some kind of intelligent intervention. Nevertheless, if they do manage to find something that is going thru a POSITIVE DNA alteration which is making the species grow wings or something of that manner, it would not shatter my faith… <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />