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here are some articles i have collected on mormonism:

[i:2kgoofh2][u:2kgoofh2]Comprehensive Arguments[/u:2kgoofh2][/i:2kgoofh2]
The Book on Mormonism’s Testament to Another Christ[/url:2kgoofh2] ([b:2kgoofh2]10 chapters[/b:2kgoofh2])
A Christian Looks at Mormonism[/url:2kgoofh2]
A Catholic Refutation of Mormon Doctrine[/url:2kgoofh2]
Difficult Questions for the Mormoms to Answer[/url:2kgoofh2]
Distinctive Beliefs of the Mormon Church[/url:2kgoofh2]
Mormon Stumpers[/url:2kgoofh2]
Dialogue with a Mormon[/url:2kgoofh2]
Talking to Mormons[/url:2kgoofh2]
How to Talk to Mormons[/url:2kgoofh2]
Mormonism and Its Mythology[/url:2kgoofh2]
The Appeal of Mormonism[/url:2kgoofh2]
Is Mormonism Christian?[/url:2kgoofh2]
From Utah with Love[/url:2kgoofh2]
Drawing the Line for Mormons: A Closer Look at the LDS Church[/url:2kgoofh2]
Is the Mormon Religion a Christian Religion?[/url:2kgoofh2]
Introduction to Mormon Beliefs[/url:2kgoofh2]
[i:2kgoofh2][u:2kgoofh2]Specific Doctrinal Beliefs[/u:2kgoofh2][/i:2kgoofh2]
The Gods of the Mormon Church[/url:2kgoofh2]
Dialogue With A Mormon Apologist on the Christian Doctrine of God, and Doctrinal Development[/url:2kgoofh2]
The Mormon Christ[/url:2kgoofh2]
Mormonism’s Baptism for the Dead[/url:2kgoofh2]
Questioning the Validity of Mormon Baptism[/url:2kgoofh2]
[b:2kgoofh2]1 Cor 15:29[/b:2kgoofh2] and Baptism of the Dead[/url:2kgoofh2]
Who Holds the Keys?: The Papacy vs. Mormonism[/url:2kgoofh2]
Mormonism and the Great Apostasy Theory[/url:2kgoofh2]
In Search of the “Great Apostasy”[/url:2kgoofh2]
Batting Around the Great Apostacy[/url:2kgoofh2]
The “Double Think” of Mormonism[/url:2kgoofh2]
Mormons and Baptism[/url:2kgoofh2]
Looking for God in All the Wrong Places: Like KOLOB[/url:2kgoofh2]
The Wacky World of Joseph Smith and the un-Christianity of Mormon Theology[/url:2kgoofh2]
[i:2kgoofh2][u:2kgoofh2]The Book of Mormon[/u:2kgoofh2][/i:2kgoofh2]
Problems with the Book of Mormon[/url:2kgoofh2]
Why Does the Book of Mormon Contain a Disclaimer of Inspiration?[/url:2kgoofh2]
The Book of Mormon Quotes the Preface of the 1611 King James Bible[/url:2kgoofh2]
The Mormons and the King James Version[/url:2kgoofh2]
Problems with the Book of Mormon[/url:2kgoofh2]
Book of Mormon Apologetic Footnotes[/url:2kgoofh2]

maybe somethin in there will help <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

pax christi,