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[color=darkblue:3jxf9cz7]Jon…don’t forget that there are other knights besides the KofC and I am one. The KofC are good dudes and one of my very best buddies is one, but I’m Militia Immaculata and you can find out about us here. http://www.consecration.com/

We were founded by St Maximillian Kolbe back before the 2nd WW and St. Max was committed to using the most advanced tech of his day to get the gospel out to as many as possible.
When offered a choice of two crowns (one red for martyrdom, the other white for purity) in a vision by the Blessed Mother he chose both. He was starved and then injected with carbolic acid in Auschwitz where he literally laid down his life for another man.

Pretty impressive guy. A modern saint…and one of my heroes.[/color:3jxf9cz7]