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Hi Steph,
Thanks so much for your reply. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> I identify with you on the homework thing. Thank goodness for spring break, right? The mission trip for church I was going to go on got cancelled, a hidden blessing I believe, because now I can go home, visit with family, get healthy, and catch up on all this homework!!

Since I posted this, a month ago or so, life has pretty much stayed the same but I was lucky to have a conversation with someone at church. She has a PhD and is a professor and researcher at the U. Her specialty is health care. From getting to know her and understanding her goals, changing and fixing health care problems from the top end of the spectrum, it helped to open my view point a little bit. She is working on all of these details that I would have a hard time understanding and would probably get frustrated with, but she is likely to be having a great effect on something that needs help.

Relating this to church and Catholicism, I see that there are so many roles to be filled! There needs to be people at all levels of the spectrum.. its encouraging when I finally get out of my slump and realize ([i:34q9s2ld]again[/i:34q9s2ld]) that God has an individual plan for everyone.

Thank you for your encouragement <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />