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[quote:3vt9vd3q]:( I admit I am looking to this forum for support,( to Jon my favorite son-in-law I say this

it is better than me hanging around ebay-lol)

Yesterday I made the mistake of sharing with my 17year old daughter that this election as well as the last and the one before that even made me feel depressed. She unleashed her displeasure that I should be depressed. I told her that I felt that way because I was so dismayed at feeling so strongly in the minority when it comes to being concerned about abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning advocates, and gay marriage.


Your daughter was correct.
I found myself, at times, getting depressed and scared too.
At these times, I just got more animated and active. I wrote more letters and articles, made more phone calls and got more active.
In your case, you were from a very decisive battleground state, where your input could have been greatly magnified.