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I have Theology for Beginners by Mr. Sheed. Love that man.

Dave Armstrong’s website is BiblicalCatholic.com I hope you like long articles (Dave loves to write until the job is done, either demolishing an argument entirely or presenting an unassaultable argument). Personally, I love Dave’s work. I read his weblog every day (which usually takes about an hour thanks to how much he writes).

The books I bought were:

[u:2555cmhd]Nuts and Bolts [/u:2555cmhd]by Tim Staples. With only a few minor gripes learned through much use of the text, it is an awesome book.

[u:2555cmhd]Beginning Apologetics [/u:2555cmhd]by Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham. Cheap, well organized, and excellent primers on a number of topics. I have all 8.

[u:2555cmhd]Why is that in Tradition?[/u:2555cmhd] by Patrick Madrid. Not exactly what I had hoped for (I wanted an explanation for why it was Tradition; instead, this was Where is that in Tradition) but I was not disappointed. After a quick overview of Tradition, Mr. Madrid gives several quotations from Fathers throughout the early Church period (1st to 8th centuries) on such topics as the Holy Trinity, the Eucharist, purgatory, Mary, the numbering of the Ten Commandments, and more.

I also have a few other books but they escape me at the moment.

For quick, general tracts covering a number of topics, there is always Catholic Answers at Catholic.com I have over a dozen apologetics links in my bookmarks but Catholic.com finds the most use. Dave Armstrong is great for study, not so great for a quick reference check. I suggest taking notes. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />