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All of the churches I have been apart of before my conversion to true faith of Catholicism has been to “accept Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior”, and you [b:2k8oqpsq]will[/b:2k8oqpsq] go to heaven. These even includes the Episcopal Church I was at for 2 years and was married in (although there are no set beliefs between the ever-splitting Episcopal Church anymore :rolleyes: ).

Most of the time, I hear that you cannot lose your salvation no matter what you do.

Now I believe that God continues to seek a person out and call them back to him like a Shepard calling his lost sheep because he is “not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Pet. 3.9). But to say that we can do nothing to separate ourselves from God, not even by choice(a.k.a. mortal sin) is foolish and dangerous.

God’s mercy and love is that of the Father of the Prodigal son, but if the son chose to stay in the city tending the pigs rather than going home to his father, he would have starved to death, period.