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Hi Chasity

I’m new here too – my name is Gail. I’m also a convert. Get this background – my mom was a Baptist and my dad was an Orthodox Jew. So how did I wind up Catholic? Easy – I read the Bible from cover to cover and prayed for understanding the whole way through. If you are sincere about your interest in following Christ, then eventually you will become a Catholic. Like it has been said “he who seeks finds.” I know it works because I have God’s Word on it! The faith of other Christians may have parts of the Truth, but the Catholic Church contains the full measure of Truth. Jesus called Peter the Rock and said He would build His Church on Peter. I believe Him – He did it and it is still the same. Others built their own churches later in history, ie: Martin Luther, John Calvin, David Smith….. I’ll take the Original over the imitations anyday.

If you have any questions at all, please ask me I’d love to help you get over the hurdles and through the hoops so to speak. Just a warning though – I too am human and subject to mistakes and may say stuff that gets taken the wrong way too like Jon’s comment. If this shoulod happen please apply the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions about my sincerity. I’m following Jesus, but I’m a few steps behind! LOL