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The semi-preterist is a person who says that substantially all prophecies have been fulfilled and we are just tapping our toes waiting for Jesus’ Second Coming. This position overlooks what Father William G. Most calls “multiple fulfillment.” There are spot-on fulfillments of Holy Writ. Nero can be written off as THE Antichrist without the insight of multiple fulfillment.

Multiple fulfillment is God’s way of confirming the times and giving a vivid type of the future, perfect fulfillment. There is nothing new under the Sun…except that future day of God’s wrath, more horrific than has ever been visited upon the Earth. This is called the time of Jacob’s trouble, and is foreshadowed by Daniel in tandem with John’s Apocalypse.

Some explicit modern fulfillments are Mary’s appearance at Fatima under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary, described by Sister Lucia as clothed with the Sun (per her work with sculptor Father McGlynn) from Apocalypse 12. Chernobyl, the Ukranian nuclear meltdown, is the literal translation of “Wormwood” from the destructive “burning element” John mentions. The revived Roman Empire of Daniel is fulfilled in our time with the European Union, with its Babylon the Whore Euro economic system, and their logo of the woman riding the beast–Europa riding Zeus as a red bull.

Some secretly semi-preterist Catholic pop theologians are converts who got burned by all the false date setting of their former Christian affiliates. When it didn’t happen as predicted, they became gun-shy about prophecy in general.

Pray the daily Rosary for peace as Our Lady of the Rosary asked at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.