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Well, that was my general understanding as well. But I have found a whole slew of people on the internet that attribute their turn from the “Whore of Babylon” to the RCIA program or their friend who showed them the Bible.

Now, this seems counterproductive to me for the RCIA program to be helping people turn away from Catholicism. However, I do know that even the RCIA program at my parish is kind of weak.

Oh, and another thing is that these ex-Catholics always seem so hateful of Catholicism, while new Catholics are content or even happy with their upbringing and look at Catholicism as a fullness of what they were taught.

One quote in a post of an ex-Catholic that I was reading and will never forget was how he found a church that fit his beliefs (not the Catholic Church). Why are people looking for churches that fit their beliefs rather one with an objective truth? I just don’t get it.