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[quote:20vqjxk7]…the male-only priesthood was necessary to atone for Adam’s affront to God.[/quote:20vqjxk7]

I’m not sure your post actually supports your claim. I see what you are saying with male and female having different “duties” but I’m not quite sure that I could draw this same conclusion from that.

Saying that because of marriage, we have a male-only priesthood just doesn’t make any sense to me. The reason why the priest only blesses the union and not actually performs it is because he is not apart of the union. The male and female marrying each other are pledging themselves to each other and helping each other come closer to God. They are sacraments to each other. God is using them to bring grace to each other. The priest is just there to witness it and approve of it on behalf of the Church.

This does not provide sufficient reasoning to say that this is why we have a male-only priesthood. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />