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a few personal reflections about my rosary prayers:
I also could never ‘get into’ the rosary. A number of years ago I asked nun/teacher why the parish did not put much emphasis on the rosary. She did tell me that the rosary has repetetive prayers because it originated in a time when most folks were illiterate, ( I add also they did not have the media of radio, tv, and computers also). So simple repetition WAS a good thing. Surprisingly the priest at that parish also told me that Mary did not need our prayers—-Jesus does. That attitude surprised me when I was searching for answers.

In the following years I did some soul searching, (my late 30’s). I found myself more and more prompted to pray the rosary, and also to pray at a local chapel where Mary is believed to have appeared.

I began to feel more grace and blessings in my life.

As a CCD teacher and retreat leader I have the chance to share with teens. Two things I have shared is that to me prayer with the rosary is personal for me

Mary is a mother figure,(I need all the mothering I can get-lol), she leads me to her Son. Also, that God created us humans with AMAZING abilities—-how is it that we can converse with Mary, the saints, or God, and still walk, drive the car, or plan our day at the same time?? I realize that more contemplative prayer is good, but praying while we are ‘living life’ is good too.

Finally, and this came to me a few months ago. You know how some of us struggle with the ‘boring repetition’ of the Rosary prayers? Well I imagine myself talking to Mary

I wonder how boring it would be for her if I used my own words all the time instead of the traditional Hail Mary. I think I am pretty interesting—but Mary she gets alot of us kids talking to her constantly and boy do we whine and go on and on!! Personally I began to think of each repetition as physical, either as holding her gaze or holding on to her hand. Think of how you might spend sometime with a dear one, say even a sick person, you would not talk constantly, you may stroke their hand or their head…….well that’s what each Hail Mary is to me, a way to concentrate on just being quiet and listening to Mary.

I know this was a long reply—-but perhaps it helps even one person out there. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />