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Dear J. Jakoblich

you must have forgotten to leave your shoes out the past nite, so that St. Nickolas could leave you a treat! (Sorry I could not resist ribbing someone about that.)

You are absolutely right though. I had the chance to sub teach a 5th grade ccd class the day after St. Nicholoas day. They were recounting all the games, and collectibles, and candy they received. One child actually received a hunting gun! (hunting is very much in the culture around here)

But I am uplifted after listening to Catholic Radio (Relevant Radio in the mornings) The hosts of The Doctor is In, and other shows often give advice on how to celebrate the saints, and they give lots of advice on helping children to get the real meanings of these celebrations in fun ways. Also the folks who call in to these shows offer their suggestions also.

So there is hope

we just have to spread that Hope around!