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I have been a divorced catholic for 21yrs now. I went to my local priest and he said that`s OK it`s the law of the land (UK) but he did mention if i wanted to get married again,then it`s a church matter don`t worry about it. Then i gave up being a non practising catholic all together. Over the years i forgot about religion,but something kept bothering me. I thought about the words jesus said, seek and ye shall find. So i began to seek which was not easy,and i stumbled on these 2 sites Prophecy Film.com,and Most Holy Family Monastery mhfm 1`s Channel which is run by Brother`s Peter and Michael Diamond connected to YouTube. It went ok for a while until i began to question them because they said that Pope Benedict XVI,and that the 2 Popes before him were Anti-Popes because they went against the Traditional Profession Of Faith.They went on further to say, they went against the Catholic Dogma and Vatican II,and this proved that they were Anti-Popes, Heretics,and that all priests today are also heretics. They went on to say do not attend mass because you will be a heretic,and committing a grave sin.They seem to have the evidence to back this up.They are very clever,and well educated men,go and check there websites,and all the video`s. Then they started to send me nasty email`s,and off the other site too. In reply i did not call them at all. I used quotes from the Bible to contradict there answer`s,and i presume i got help from the Holy Ghost,but again i must stress i did not call them. I found Catholic Answer`s but there site was far too complicated for me.They sent me nice email`s that they would support me,and they gave me some answer`s. Then i stumbled on your site! On the 12/1/2012 i went to see the priest.He said hear mass take communion,and i will hear your confession. I said it should be the other way round confession then communion. He replied has long has you have the intention to go to confession. This is my first step,and i know it will be hard. After this i sobbed uncontrollably. I knew God,Jesus,and the Holy Ghost were helping me. Stupidman