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Welcome “Bible Student” Your posting, while I am sure sincere speaks volumes of the sources that you have been taught by. To lump Macabees with Judas is quite a stretch. Since the entire Chrisitan World up to the point of Luther accepted Maccabees, and it has only been after Luther broke with The Church that anyone called it into question. Judas, along with the Gospel of Thomas, and several dozen other books were rejected by the Early Church and never had a place in the Canon. So I would ask you to do a bit of fact checking.

Catholics believe 100% that our redemtion comes from the Incarnation, Passion, Death and Rising from the Dead of Jesus. The difference is how Protestants diverge from the teachings of Scripture and the Apostles on how that Redemtion, and Justification of the sinner is applied. Most Protestants (Especially the OSAS crowd) would lead you to believe a non-scriptural misrepresentation of salvation as something I do by accepting Jesus as My Savior, from that point forward, I have no responsibility, because I give all past present and future sinful actions to Jesus. This form of magical thinking is contrary to what Jesus and the Apostles taught, and to what the Scriptures tell us.

Since it seems you have more than one bone to pick with the Catholic Faith, please elaborate and ask point blank the questions you have about the Catholic Church. I’m sure you will find the answers from Catholic sources are quite a bit different than the misrepresentations of the Church you’ve apparently been taught.