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SO what your trying to say is that your catechism is for the summery of your faith? How often is YOur catechism used in the Education of teenage CAtholics?[/quote:2pss14kl]
Your vocabulary is a betrayal of the sources you have been tainted with.[/quote:2pss14kl]
Oh thats nice to know that all i know is a lie *rolls eyes* pardon me for not fitting your perfect mold of a non-catholic

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First we cannot speak of “Your catechism” either as a Universal document of the Church. There are dozens of Catechisms, all approved for use, but none except possibly the CCC, which has a semi-official place.[/quote:2pss14kl]
SO why doesn’t your church have a official catechism??

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While a Catechism is a good place to start in learning the Catholic Faith, it will hopefully spur on further reading the Sacred Scriptures, (which most Catechisms rely heavily upon)[/quote:2pss14kl]
WHere would be a good place to start then? The loCAl priest?

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While some Catholic teachings are passed down to us from the Apostles, and not explicitly mentioned in the Scripture, they can be supported by, or are inferred in the Scriptures.[/quote:2pss14kl]
You mean your scripture, the Apocrypha?

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Look over the most popular Catechism of today, and read the footnotes, you will find more Scriptural quotes than you would ever imagine, even when compaired to Protestant books.[/quote:2pss14kl]
yeah right. prove it