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Absolutly. Anyone who is in heaven, (ie a Saint) Canonized or not, is there because of Jesus.

The Sacrifices of the OT were acceptable to God, not because an Ox, or Bull, or Sheep was anywhere near appropriate restitution, but acceptable in anticipation of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Saints of the OT are recognized by the Church because they were faithful to the Law given them, and trusted in God that the Messiah would come and save Israel. The Carmelites celebrate the Feast of Elijas, and other Orders have Feasts (and Masses) for others OT Saints. We celebrate on the Universal Calendar the feat of the Holy Innocents. OT Saints are mentioned in various feasts throughout the year. St. Joseph, (probably) and St. John the Baptist died before Calvary, so they can be looked at as OT Saints, (since Jesus’ fulfillment of the OT, and implementation of the NT had not yet happened, “My time (hour) has not yet come”)