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why do they use leavened bread for communion? whats with that?[/quote:3135ezws]
Robert did an excellent job explaining everything to you, but if you have any further questions, i myself am Armenian and my family does in fact belong to the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church (a branch of Oriental Orthodoxy, whereas Greeks, Russians, Romanians, etc follow Eastern Orthodoxy)[/quote:3135ezws]
just wondering sir, but are you in communion wid rome???[/quote:3135ezws]
Alas no, the Armenian Church is not in communion with Rome, but do respect the Pope deeply, often giving him stay on his visits to Armenia. Us Armenians do however have an Armenian Rite of the Catholic Church (AKA The Armenian Catholic Church) which is in full communion with Rome and accepts the authority of the Pope. if you would like to learn more about the Armenian Catholic Church check out these links: