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"Papa.Cod":2bet7xga wrote:
To LARobert:
Shouldn’t people know that the DaVinchi code is just a book? I mean, why would people believe that Tom Hanks would find some sort of secret the catholic church that they kept hidden away?[/quote:2bet7xga]
One would hope so, however there have been any number of History Channel specials that treat the Da Vinci code and some of the fables told in it as real history. There have been any number of books written by Catholics and Protestants that deal with the fictional aspects of the book that many people take as reality.

I myself have run into several people whose questions about the Catholic Church at first baffled me, not because I did not know the Faith, but because I wondered where they got such strange ideas. It turned out they got them from Dan Brown’s book.

It is easy to say what you would do after the fact, but I think the book could have been a good way to instruct people in the Catholic Church, and it’s history. I may have started an Ad campaign that said something like…..

You’ve read rumors and fabricated histories in the DaVinci Code, now get the real story……Learn what the Catholic Church really teaches at an Introduction to the Catholic Faith in your local Parish.