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"Babsintx":e09nzenr wrote:
I believe I am being called to the Catholic Church and am learning about it right now.
I have been married before but not to a Catholic and not in the Catholic Church. There was abuse involved, but that need not be discussed here. What I want to know is how difficult is it to obtain an annulment or is one even necessary. I may want to marry in the future and want to make sure I do the right thing.[/quote:e09nzenr]
From the limited knowledge that I have of the annulment process it can take a year. Also, one of the most difficult parts is the willingness of your ex-spouse. He or she could make it drag out for a while if he or she is uncooperative.

If you want a more definitive answer you would be best served by talking to a priest in your area. He will be able to better guide you.

I hope it goes well!