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Orthodox Churches are for the most part separated along national lines. They also do not recognize the Pope in Rome as the Head of the Church, but as the Successor of Peter, and the “First among equals” They hold that all bishops in the world are equal, and only have authority, (jurisdiction) over their own diocese.

Some Orthodox accept the “filioque” of the part of the Nicene Creed that states, that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father, [u:1ynfme10][b:1ynfme10][i:1ynfme10]and the Son[/i:1ynfme10][/b:1ynfme10][/u:1ynfme10] others do not, but they all agree that to insert the phrase Filioque into the creed a council of all the bishops of the Church is required, and it cannot be done by the Pope in Rome alone.

There are other minor issues, such as the dates of Easter and Christmas, and the use of unleavened vs leavened bread etc.