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I don’t think my postings will change your mind. I do hope they will however open your mind to more than just the side of the story given you by your Lutheran friends, and help you look at both sides of the story. I also hope that you check what I have written and verify it, as I hope you will do with what others tell you. An example of looking at the issues from both sides would be earlier today when you read my posting as attack at Martin Luther, and I needed to clarify it. We both looked at the same posting and saw two different things, I further clarified my statement not to make you happy, but because it was obvious that the way I wrote it was interpreted in a way contrary to what I proposed to you. I’ve looked at it from both sides, and I believe, regardless of how truly Luther, Calvin, Cranmer and the rest of the Protestant Reformers believed they where restoring the Church to it’s primitive roots, they in fact rejected basic beliefs held by the first Christians. I’ve read both the Catholic and the Protestant sides of the debate. When I taught at an Anglican Seminary, I read from their books in their library. I live around a mile from the Fuller Seminary, one of the largest Evangelical Protestant Seminaries in the USA, I sometimes read in their library, and give the Protestant writers an even chance. So far, I’ve not read one that has convinced me….

Only being open to God’s grace will help, the rest is as straw which easily is consumed by the fire.

It also seems odd that up to this point you’ve told us that you had not decided to renounce your membership in the Catholic Church, you’ve now made statements that sound both hostile and as if you’ve left. Either way, your questions are still welcome here.