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"Te Deum":3ui6tj81 wrote:
The Church of Christ is 2000 years old, tracing her origins to Peter and the Apostles in an unbreaking apostolic succession. It is the Catholic Church.[/quote:3ui6tj81]
I find this statement true and false at the same time. Let me explain:

[quote:3ui6tj81][u:3ui6tj81][b:3ui6tj81]The Babylonian Captivity[/b:3ui6tj81].[/u:3ui6tj81]
The new pope was a French bishop who took the name Clement V. Rather than residing in Rome, he was induced to stay in the city of Avignon in what is now southen France. This was the first time since St. Peter that the head of the church had not resided in the Holy City of Christendom, and to make matters worse, Clement’s successors stayed in Avignon as well. The Babylonian Captivity, as the popes’ stay in Avignon came to be called, created a great scandal. Everyone except the French viewed the popes as captives of the French crown and unworthy to lead the universal church or decide questions of international justice.
In 1377 of of Clement’s papal successors finally returned to Rome but died very soon thereafter. In the ensuing election, great pressure was put on the attending bishops to elect an Italian, and one was duly elected, who took the name Urban VI. Urban was a well-intentioned reformer, but he went about his business in such an arrogant fashion that he had alienated all his fellow bishops within weeks after the election. they therefore proceeded to declare his election invalid because of the pressures put on them and elected another Frenchman, who took the name Clement VII. He immediately returned to Avignon and took up residence once more under the benevolent eye of the French king. The bullheaded Urban refused to step down. There were thus two popes and doubt as to which one was the legitimate one.[/quote:3ui6tj81]
This was taken out of a history book I borrowed called World Civilizations (comprehensive volume 2nd edition.)

So at one point the Catholic Church had two popes residing in France and in Rome. There are some other accounts that say that there where three popes at one time.

I do not mean to say that neither were legitimate or illegitimate but it’s hard to tell which is which.