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Thank you for sharing your story. The first few years after conversion are the hardest, regardless of what religion you convert from and to. At first you have a great zeal, but there is still a learning curve, as well as adjustment. You are still looked upon by many with curiosity, those who have been born into your new found faith will either not see it as a big deal, because they have known only their faith all their lives and don’t know anything different. Others will wait as they are unsure of your sincerity and motives. (This happens everywhere).

For myself I converted from a religion older than the Catholic Faith, (Judaism) but then again I became convinced that the Catholic Faith was the only Church that fit the biblical idea of the Church, and there was Christ’s promise that He would remain with the Church even to the consumation of the earth. I also realized that even among those who Jesus chose Himself to be His Apostles, Judas betrayed Him, Peter denied Him, and Thomas needed to see His wounds, and even feel with his fingers and hands the wounds of our Risen Lord, that not only could Jesus work with those who did not exibit the best choices, or the most steadfast faith in Him, but that He could deal with me, even in my moments of doubt. More than my own personal faith, I could count on Jesus Faithfulness to His promise to stay with His Church and not to abandon it even when the members of His Church did not set the best example.