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Yes, i understand…but it’s not the east…it is feng sui belief that they keep on insisting. I’m just puzzled if faith is more important in constructing a chapel or superstitious beliefs. Actually, we do have several meetings w/ the parish priest & he’s really very accommodating, understanding & we really like him preaching…it’s just he is empowered by his members <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> So I was thinking of really asking their bishop & I hope he could be of help. What we are doing is for the benefit of all religions ‘coz the clubhouse is ours & with due respect to their groups (muslims, pentecostal, jehovah, inc,buddhist,adventist, methodist, baptist, etc) who are renting a place for their worship, not asking for donations.It’s really difficult for us officers to decide to give. We really wanted to help despite the consequences. Thanks for answering my queries. Hope u have a good day ahead! God bless!

WE LIVE BY FAITH….2 Corinthians 5:5-10