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"Subvet":1mx2a6r1 wrote:
I won’t vote for a pro-choice candidate. Period.[/quote:1mx2a6r1]
So even if all the sides of the issues this person campaigned for fell in line with Catholic Social Teaching, except legal abortion, you would not vote for that candidate? In other words you would vote on a single issue?

I think I’m with Victor, that if the candidate was the lesser of 2 evils I would. I think if the candidate were to campaign for legalized abortion (sadly), but unfolded a plan to reduce the number of abortions in this country (and everything else added up) I would strongly consider that candidate.

"weather":1mx2a6r1 wrote:
My point of view is all politicians are crooked so what ever they say probably will never be done(they tell you what you want to hear).[/quote:1mx2a6r1]
That’s for sure. Same thing year after year.

I heard a good quote last night as I was getting off the subway going home. Someone asked a friend how she was doing and she replied, “Different day, same s***.” I think it’s like that with politicians. Different person, same promises.

Although, in fairness to the politicians, it’s easy to promise things from the outside, but once elected to the position there are many other things to deal with, many hurdles to clear and possible changing conditions so it’s not always easy to keep he promises.