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One of mine is the dream I have already shared with you. Another on was today when I was listening to Catholic Radio 1370AM and a priest was talking about the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He touched on a few points and it gave me some real motivation to start this devotion. You make a good point about trial and error Jon. God has shaped me through this. I have been through a lot of downfalls in my life and I’m only 26, but I have learned from them and have progressed more in my spiritual life because of them. One of the big ones that I have learned is that no matter what state in life you are in, even if you think you are the worst sinner in the world, you can still be saved through Christ if only you let him. Another thing that I have learned in my spiritual life, that was through trial and error, is to do the will of God in every moment of life. I fail more than I succeed but at least I keep trying and that’s the main thing.