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Some Eastern Catholic and Orthodox do reserve the Blessed Sacrament. [/quote:1q0y4oae]

My understanding is that the Orthodox reserve it only to be given to the sick. They do not reserve it for the adoration of the faithful as in the Catholic Church. Also, it is not easy to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the form of leavened bread for long. It will get hard like any other bread. That is not the case with wafers which are hard to start with.
Some Eastern Catholics reserve the Blessed Sacrament eg. the Maronite Church (using wafers) and others do not eg. the Coptic Catholic Church (using leavened bread).[/quote:1q0y4oae]

When an eastern rite or Orthodox priest takes communion to the sick, most of the Byzantine rites also take a portable kit which has a small chalice and spoon, as well as some non-consecrated wine to moisten the consecrated bread. While adoration is not a major theme in the East, once again because they did not have heresies that denied the real presence, they do accept the real presence and do reverence the Blessed Sacrament. All in all the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament differs from Rite to Rite, and sometimes within a rite when there is no universal rubric within the rite.