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[quote:o1k67uke]Ron, when you accuse us of believing one way and we TELL YOU that we don’t practice those beliefs, you continue to accuse us as if you are calling us liars. [/quote:o1k67uke]
I use Scripture to [u:o1k67uke][b:o1k67uke]show[/b:o1k67uke][/u:o1k67uke] precisely where you are being deceived, yet you ignore that! Why Jon?

[quote:o1k67uke]We know our faith, we know what we believe. When you attempt to tell us what we believe, EVEN AFTER WE TELL YOU OTHERWISE, your message falls on deaf ears because you aren’t willing to listen to us. [/quote:o1k67uke]
I’ve heard what you say and then I try to show where you are being mis-lead – so who has the deaf ears Jon?

[quote:o1k67uke]You constantly accuse us and the Church of doing things that we really don’t. There’s no willingness on your part to think that your accusations or conclusions could be incorrect. You take and take and take and there’s no give. [/quote:o1k67uke]
Well what about Purgatory? Praying to the dead? The Real presence? How do you justify your church’s claims Biblically? The reality is that you can’t, not what I say, its what Scriptures are so clear about!

[quote:o1k67uke]You hate the Church for what you think it is, not for what it truly is. [/quote:o1k67uke]
What I think, Jon? Give me a break, I’ve shown you the Biblical side yet when I do, you just disregard everything I said.

[quote:o1k67uke]Your only aim is to prove us wrong based on what you think is the truth, not actually trying to understand what we say and know about Catholic beliefs and the Church of Jesus Christ. [/quote:o1k67uke]
Facts are facts Jon. And these are Biblically correct.