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[quote:k7sn0xly][quote:k7sn0xly]Before the fall, Adam enjoyed the gift of integrity, which meant absence of the conflict we now experience between our natural urges and the dictates of right reason.[/quote:k7sn0xly]
Doesn’t this notion conflict with the belief that God gave us all free will? Or does this mean he didn’t give Eve the gift of integrity and that’s why she was tricked by the serpent?[/quote:k7sn0xly]

God gave us free will before and after the fall. If Adam and Even did not have free will they would not have sinned. The fact that they sinned is proof that they had free will.

So free will after the fall is weakened due to Original Sin. Our will does not always follow what is reasonable but it can follow what is not reasonable due to concupiscence and inordinate attachments/passions.