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Jon you said:

[quote:kw060qzs]That’s quite a dangerous perspective. Truth is objective, not whatever anyone interprets it to be.[/quote:kw060qzs]

That is precisely my point, Thank you

Mr.LARoberts, I hope your chemo is helping, sorry to know you need it as I also have an illness – Parkinsons – and it takes time to type so I guess we do have one thing in common <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

Another short bit for you-
[quote:kw060qzs]You said you’d answer the questions about the different stories of creation, how each gives a different order of events.[/quote:kw060qzs]
they do not contradict. As Henry M Morris says in his book -[b:kw060qzs][i:kw060qzs] The Genesis Record[/i:kw060qzs][/b:kw060qzs] -[i:kw060qzs] The second chapter of Genesis describes in greater detail certain of the events of the sixth day of creation, dOEs not contradict the account in the first chapter, but is complementary to it. [/i:kw060qzs]
How elaborate do you want me to detail this?

[quote:kw060qzs] While we are on it, is the earth flat? [/quote:kw060qzs]
[quote:kw060qzs]Is there a dome over the flat earth?[/quote:kw060qzs]
[quote:kw060qzs] Are the stars really holes in the dome.[/quote:kw060qzs]
[quote:kw060qzs] Does the sun come up over one side of the dome and set on the other side?[/quote:kw060qzs]
[quote:kw060qzs] How many corners are there on the Earth?[/quote:kw060qzs]
That is a figure of speach only
[quote:kw060qzs] Where does the earth end? [/quote:kw060qzs]
It is circular
Why the silly questions? (Mr. LARoberts)