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[quote:3fqjna4g][color=blue:3fqjna4g]Do you see how your reasoning falls flat[/color:3fqjna4g]
I don’t think the Bible is wrong – NO [/quote:3fqjna4g]The Bible is not your reasoning.

[quote:3fqjna4g]But don’t you use the same “circular reasoning?”[/quote:3fqjna4g]No.

[quote:3fqjna4g]You defend Catholicism with Cstholic material and sources such as
Catholic Answers or all of the witnesses that you quote even though none are infallble,[/quote:3fqjna4g]This is both a gross ignorance of what constitutes circular reasoning and a complete non sequitur in regards to infallibility.

[quote:3fqjna4g]that is more of an example of what not to trust, then to trust in that God’s word tells us about the past, present, and future[/quote:3fqjna4g]And once again assuming the conclusion instead of proving it.