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But LARoberts, you never answered my question about why you follow a church with the many traditions that aren’t biblical?

I’d like to know what your problem is with someone being a fundie and what makes you think that we do any of those things that you claim?
[quote:6v68f02i]have created in order to deny what Christ did and said, in founding the Church, in having been given authority to bind and loose, or in His promise to remain with the Church until the consumation of the Earth[/quote:6v68f02i]
I don’t deny any of those things. I deny nothing of what God said, but I do deny that your church is THE Church.

[quote:6v68f02i]But I guess if you want to be the only person who has the correct view, and can feel superior to everyone else, condemning them, and proclaiming that they know nothing, and you know everything, then it helps to live a life of fiction[/quote:6v68f02i]
It does help to know what te Word of God says, even for me a sinner who only did as Scriptures told us to do: test everything (1 Thessalonians 5:21)