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Papal infallibility is a charism in the office of the Pope that when he defines a dogma “Ex Cathedra” (From the Chair of Peter) the pronouncement is infallible, but the Church does not stop there, the Church requires that the what is defined as a dogma deals with a matter of faith or morals, that the pope be speaking to the entire Church, in the fullness of his Apostolic Authority…

Referring to papal infallibility (LARobert) as defining a dogma seems to be a widespread misconception. The Vatican I dogma (to be believed on divine and Catholic faith) on papal infallibility is found in Pastor Aeternus, which defined that Popes teach infallibly when, as pastors and teachers of all Christians, they define a doctrine on matters of faith or morals to held by the whole Church.

This leads to the declarations in Humanae Vitae (against contraception) and in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (male only priests) as infallible.