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A find apologist, and the links at the end of his article just go to show how far from believable the “Documentary” is. It is so easy to pull the wool over the eyes of those who are poorly catechized in authentic History, and the Two thousand year old faith taught by the Catholic Church.

The quoting of stray and errant “historians” who people like Dan Brown and the authors of this mess use (without reference to who these “Scholars” are) or that they are new interpretations of history by people with little or no backround as historians, archeologist, who cannot read or have never been exposed to the ancient texts to the exclusion of known texts, (Catholic, Pagan and Jewish) from the time period, is the same type of tactics used by those who have a thousand and one different interpretations of the Bible as my only source, and me as the only one that the Holy Ghost can use to interpret it. Rather than causing unity among the believers in Christ, it leads the ignorant into chaos. Not quite what our Lord prayed for when He prayed, Ut unum Sint. (That they may all be one)