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[color=olive:1oxfqg9j]I watched a documentary about this a few months ago. They performed an interesting test using geometry. They used a molding of a persons face and then made a manikn head. They painted the face and then laid a cloth over the face while the paint was still wet. Then they took off the cloth, which now had the facial impression on it, and observed it for it’s geometrical patterns. It turned out that after they took off the cloth, the face on the cloth was very distorted. They came to a conclusion that it would be geometrically impossible for an actual human face to appear that way(without the geometrical distance) on the shroud of turin if it were laying on someones face. I’ve been looking for the actual experiment online but I couldn’t find it. I believe this was on either the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel. [/color:1oxfqg9j]