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[quote:23372pbl]but He was declared righteous before that ever happened, long before Isaac was even born.[/quote:23372pbl]
What is the difference between being declared righteous and being justified?

Whenever Abraham was declared righteous, the Bible states he was justified by his works.

[quote:23372pbl]I just copied what was there, it did not need any interpretation, so why say that James contradicts these when we know that Scriptures do not cotrsdict other verses – as I illustrated with Ephesian 2:8+9 is followed by verse 10? Read it for what it says.[/quote:23372pbl]
You did more than just copy what was there. You offered your commentary: “we can see that saving faith is demonstrated with the works, [u:23372pbl]not by the works[/u:23372pbl]”. James says just the opposite.