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[quote:2wxj595t]not to mention they don’t recognize the authority of Scriptures alone.[/quote:2wxj595t]
That’s because it’s NOT Scripture alone. What did the first Christians do for 400 years without a designated body of Scriptures, Ron? To whom or what did they go?

Someone had to have written the Scriptures a part of their lived experience and only much time after that did those letters and books become authoritative. The Bible wasn’t dropped from the sky. God didn’t say “here, follow this book and try to make sense of it.”

All of the things in the Bible happened in order for them to be written. The lived experience came before the Scriptures.

In the Old Testament the authority was the prophets, Levites and King David (and their successors).

In the New Testament the authority is the apostles and their successors. This is what is lived out in the Catholic Church today just as it was 2000 years ago.

To deny that is to deny the Scriptures, Ron, plain and simple.

I’m done.