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Peace be with all!

[quote:3cyrcb8s]But I will provide a link to it so here it is……

http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/2m … s.php?id=6[/quote:3cyrcb8s]

Beat me to the reply! :lol: I have found that the above link is the best way to explain the Crucifix. But [u:3cyrcb8s][i:3cyrcb8s][b:3cyrcb8s]most[/b:3cyrcb8s][/i:3cyrcb8s][/u:3cyrcb8s] Protestants are like your friend and get very upset and reply as such:

[quote:3cyrcb8s]We have no interest in their theology.[/quote:3cyrcb8s]

This is because they have stopped seeking Truth. In fact, your Lutheran friend may be interested to learn about his faith[/url:3cyrcb8s] and that many of Martin Luther’s claims/protests/etc. either have been denounce or not universally excepted by either the United or Free Churches.

God Bless!