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[quote:2q2pq51i]1. Attending Mass – Going to Mass isn’t just when it’s easy for you to go or on a holiday. Attending Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation is an obligation of Catholics. In fact, if you are Catholic, it is a sin to miss Mass unless for a valid reason. Practicing Catholics attend Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation unless for a valid reason such as sickness, weather, or some extraordinary reason. [/quote:2q2pq51i]

Does the internet count? Any reason it shouldn’t?

[quote:2q2pq51i]2. Pro-Life – Abortion is a very controversial topic, however, the Catholic Church has made their teaching on abortion, in vitro fertilization, and euthanasia very clear. To be a practicing Catholic, one must be pro-life. Being pro-life means not supporting the legal right to abort and protecting the dignity of life.[/quote:2q2pq51i]

I should think being a practicing [b:2q2pq51i]human being[/b:2q2pq51i] should be enough for someone to be pro-life. To me it’s just one of those obvious things, like pro-food and pro-swimming pools.

[quote:2q2pq51i]We shouldn’t judge[/quote:2q2pq51i]

I take issue with this. Many people love to say that, and I feel it’s a cop-out. Humans should be judging each other on a daily basis. This Earth can only be a better place if one man judges another man foolish for obviously foolish things like stealing, drugs, and driving hybrids in the fast lane.