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gesundheit – (Well I got that straight now)

[quote:1s2j7oxy]You chose to blame your past failures on a particular denomination that you feel hurt you. [/quote:1s2j7oxy]

Why compromise with them? They have a different, non-saving gospel, call it as it is!

[quote:1s2j7oxy]You claim to submit only to “His written word.” Is this a fact? Why do you go to Church on Sunday’s? Is it written that you must go to a church service every Sunday? Do you participate in the Holy Communion? If so, why not do it every time you meet with fellow believers as the early Christians of Acts did? Do you believe in baptism as a remission of sins? If not then how do you explain the theme of baptism in Acts, or again, if you do believe it as a remission of sins how does one explain the teachings of Paul about confessing Christ as the only requirement? [/quote:1s2j7oxy]
That is when our service is – the first day of the week just as in Acts but I also go on Wednesday, so what? Let’a not get legalistic. Scriptures say one day is no better then another.
Communion – yes I do when I can
Baptism is not taught as the remission of sins – Faith in the work of Jesus does that

How does God do everything? He is God not me. Romans 1 tells us man has the Universe and a conscience – none have an excuse — How He reaches everyone is up to him.

[quote:1s2j7oxy] This is not the fault of Catholicism or any other. But to write articles against another Christian fellowship is just wrong. It hurts me to see your comments against other Christians[/quote:1s2j7oxy]
Other Christians? They aren’t yet. You have your educated opinion, but
no thank you. Scriptures also tells us that we are to go and preach the Gospel for how will they know unless one is sent? If you read my articles you would see that there is nothing attacking in them, merely pointing out the differences from their way and Scriptures – something obviously many aren’t aware of.
Some day you will understand theology and doctrine to a larger extent and you’ll wish you never crusaded against your Christian brothers because you could not relate to them.[/quote:1s2j7oxy]
Again you have that right to say as you wish, but no thank you for your
well meaning advice.