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Where Anacletus, Linus, and Eleutherus Popes? Isn’t this prior to the bishop of Rome taking on the title of being the Pope?

Many Protestant churches push for emotional response from congregations, but that is not what I meant by their fire, you seem to have experience in seeing the lack of enthusiasm for Christ and his Church in the Roman Catholic Church.

Is the Roman Catholic Church the only channel for the truth that comes from God? No. Is it “better”? Not neccessarily. if God judges the righteous on their faith and works, who can say. Is the RC a church traditionally passed down since the Early Church? Yes, of course, but it is not tradition that one passes into Paradise.

[quote:oldp8kwk]I’d go even if the priest was drop dead boring and all the members in the Church were asleep. Why? One reason of many, because I can receive my Lord in the Eucharist. Because the Church contains truth, even if it’s followers are not feeling it. [/quote:oldp8kwk]

If the heart of the church is asleep that is a very dangerous situation for them. The Eucharist is not only given in the RC, it can be received in any church. Many churches exemplifiy the truth of God, but the ones that are living in the truth, not asleep in it are the ones doing the will of the one who was sent to them.

Perhaps I am blowing this sleep thing too far, but it is serious. It infects the Body, and if the leader of the Church is asleep and his fire is nearly extinguished then who can say what rewards they will receive?