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Me either. But the way Jon noted it is how I understood it. In Luke 16 the rich man who’s sin was ignoring the poor pleads to Abraham for his five brothers. It has always been my understanding that in Judaism there was 3 different places one could go to after death. One was a primitive understanding of purgatory where Abraham shares a “place” (my word) with the rich man suffering.

The place where we are purged of disordered self-love:
Hebrew: Sheol…R.L. Harris is known to call it solely a grave. Most scholars disagree. This world is commonly used in the OT as a place where both evil and good go. Waiting for final judgement.
Greek: Hades
Latin: purgatorio

[quote:2ctr7r9z]”Gehenna” is the word that Jesus uses for hell fire or hell. That’s actually borrowed from the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem, “ge-hin-nom,” the valley of hin-nom, which was where King Manasus sacrificed thousands of Israelite children to Molek, a demon god. After that nobody wanted to live in such defiled land, so it became the garbage dump, with fires continually burning. Nobody wanted to get near it because of defilement. It was a haunt of demons. [/quote:2ctr7r9z]

And then you have heaven. :mrgreen: